How does RainBot work?

Rain (small amounts of cryptocurrency) will be dealt in random intervals between 30 and 90 minutes. Rain will only be dealt if enough users have participated in chat since the last rain was dealt.
The maximum number of users that will receive rain is 6, with the minimum number of users being 2. The size of the rain dealt to the users depends on the user activity (frequency and quality of chat messages) since the last rain.
Chat activity is calculated based on the character count of each user’s chat messages since the last rain. RainBot is intelligent and gives rewards based on message quality. If a user is spamming, he/she will not receive much, even if he/she wrote a lot of text.
Within a 24 hour time period, RainBot will give away a maximum of 30% of its balance. In each rain interval, RainBot will give away a maximum of 10% of its daily funds.
The minimum reward users will receive from rain is 10 satoshi. Every user can tip RainBot by using the !rain command.

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