SMG, VRN, etc., what are those?

There are different user groups on our site. Some are tied to a function, others are not, here is a list:

  • [ADM] are our admins Joter and Kewl. They own and run the site. Their color-tag is orange.
  • [MOD] are moderators, their job is to keep the chat clean. They have the ability to mute users or to issue warnings. Their color-tag is blue.
  • [SMG] are supporters (short for Support Moderator Group). They can help you with your questions and have the ability to report problems in chat via email to the rest of the staff.
  • [VRN] are our site veterans. They either used to be part of our staff or are particularly high level accounts. They know their way around the site and are honored with the tag.
  • [VIP] players are the top four monthly wagering contest winners of the previous month
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