Chat rules

We try to provide a polite and friendly atmosphere in our chat. We expect players to follow the basic customs and courtesies of human interaction.
Furthermore, there are additional rules we would like you to acknowledge and follow:
  • We would like to keep the chat clean. So do not spam.
  • No cursing. Do not be purposefully offensive or insult other people.
  • Do NOT mention the name of other casino sites.
  • Insulting nicknames are not allowed.
  • Do not post messages consisting of only a few characters, like "lol" or smileys.
  • Respect [ADM]s/[MOD]s and their decisions, they have that tag for a reason. Naturally, we expect players to also show respect towards other players.
  • Asking for tips or rain in chat, may it be specific to one person, to the chat in general, or in a roundabout manner is not allowed. Begging is also not allowed.
  • We do not allow you to advertise any type of products, services or websites in any way (text, link, nickname, avatar, seed, etc). Posting a link might be considered advertising, depending on the situation. If you want to be safe, please ask for permission first.
  • Opening URLs in chat is at your own risk.
  • Speaking in the English channel must be conducted only in English. Other languages may be used in the International chat channel.
  • We do not tolerate any (arbitrary) scam accusations. All our games are provably fair. We provide the means to validate your bets if you have any doubts. We take the honesty of our Casino very seriously and will not tolerate unfounded or false accusations.
  • Do not write in all caps letters because it is considered shouting.
  • Do not offer or ask for loans.
It is the responsibility of the Mods/Admins to hold players accountable to these rules. Their judgement is final and their decision is to be respected.

The directions given by the Mods/Admins hold a level of authority. Therefore, even if they tell you something that is not stated in the rules, players must comply with it.

In the case that you do not follow the rules, Mods/Admins hold the right to administer a MUTE in chat. Depending on the violation, Mods/Admins typically issue a warning first. This may or may not be formal. A simple "stop it, please" can be considered a warning.

In-Chat Roll Gaming
If you are playing an in-chat roll game (using the !roll command, where two or more players participate in a game of their choice), you must have the agreed winning amount in your account balance before starting the game. Player who lose have 5 minutes to send the agreed amount to the winner(s). If the player does not send the agreed amount within 5 minutes, he/she will be muted. Players may also be muted if he/she tries to participate in an in-chat roll game without the required funds.

Chat Muting
If you are administered a mute for violating one or more of the rules above, you cannot post any new messages for a specified time, you will not receive any rain while the mute is active, and your message count is decreased by the duration of your mute in minutes.
All mutes are final, and, as long as the Mods/Admins consider the ruling to be just, they will not be reversed. If you still want to challenge the decision made, you may write an email to support at stating your concern.

Chat Commands:
In chat you may use the following commands:
  • !help
  • !tip
  • !bet
  • !flip
  • !value
  • !roll
  • !lotto
  • !rain
  • !ping
  • !balance

By participating in the chat, you accept these rules and acknowledge the authority of our staff.
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