How does the Chat work?

You can chat with other players while playing any game. For quick help, use the !help command within the chat window.
The chat window allows you to tip other players by typing the command !tip [nickname] [amount] [coin]. For example, to send ChuckNorris 0.5 Litecoin to his Crypto-Games account, use the following command: !tip ChuckNorris 0.5 LTC. The minimum tipping amounts are: 0.002 Bitcoin or altcoin equivalent.

To show your bets to other players within the chat window, you can use the commands !bet dice, !bet slot, !bet blackjack, !bet videopoker, !bet plinko or !bet roulette followed by your Bet ID. For example, to display your dice bet with the Bet ID "100000" in the chat, use the following command: !bet dice 100000.

To flip a coin use the !flip command. You will get heads or a tails as a result of a random coin flip.

To get the value of a coin offered at Crypto-Games, type the !value command. For example, to get the value of 0.5 LTC type: !value 0.5 LTC.

To get your balance of a coin at Crypto-Games, type the !balance command. For example, to get the balance of Bitcoin type: !balance BTC.

You can buy lottery tickets for other users with the following command: !lotto [coin] [# of tickets] [nickname]. For example, to buy two Dogecoin Lottery tickets for user ChuckNorris, enter the following command: !lotto Doge 2 ChuckNorris.

In chat you can also use smiley commands. A listing of all the available commands can be found here.

Using the chat feature can increase your player level with the benefit of a larger faucet. One chat message is equal to one chat point in the "Rewards" tab.

Basic chat rules:

  • No spamming / cursing / insulting / begging or asking for tips and rain / advertising other websites in any chat channel.
  • Players must use English in the English channel. If players prefer to use any other language, they may chat in the International channel.
  • The same basic rules apply to both channels.
  • Chat Moderators and Administrators can ban you if you do not follow these rules.
  • Mods/Admins are given full judgement when considering whether or not a chat message is breaking the rules.

A more detailed version of the chat rules can be found here.

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