How do Investments work?

We offer players an opportunity to invest in any of our house bankrolls. Each cryptocurrency offered at Crypto-Games has its own independent bankroll. When investing, you increase the bankroll and the maximum profit per bet.

As stated earlier, the house edge is slightly different depending on the game. Keep in mind, profit is not guaranteed, because of variance. In the short-term, you can still lose your cryptocurrencies. When investing, you gain/lose a share of profit/losses proportional to the fraction of the bankroll you have invested.

We take 30% of the profit/losses that are made in a 1-hour interval. Also, when calculating profit/losses, faucets and referral rewards are factored in. Over the long run, you can expect your profit to equal your percentage of the bankroll multiplied by house edge, total wagered amount, and 70%.

Your long-term profit = (Your bankroll %) x (house edge) x (total wagered) x (0.7)

The equation above does not factor in faucets and referral rewards and is only an estimate for long-term returns. Also keep in mind, given new investments and divestments, your bankroll percentage is bound to change. Depending on the game, the house edge and total wagered is different as well.

For a more detailed short-term (1 hour) calculation of your profit, use the equation below. P/L stands for Profit/Losses. Also, variables in the equations below are a function of the past hour only.

Total P/L = (Dice P/L) + (Slot P/L) + (BJ P/L) + (Roulette P/L) + (Video Poker P/L) + (Plinko P/L) – (Total Faucets) – (Total Referral Rewards)

Your P/L = (Total P/L) x (Your Bankroll %) x (0.7)

The maximum profit per single dice bet is limited to 0.5% of the specific coin's bankroll. When calculating the bankroll size, investments that are younger than 7 days are not included.

We charge additional divest fee for short-term investments. This is to prevent abuse. The fees are as shown below:

  • For investments younger than 7 days, there is a 0.3% divestment fee
  • For investments younger than 14 days, there is a 0.2% divestment fee
  • For investments younger than 21 days, there is a 0.1% divestment fee
  • For investments older than 21 days, there is no divestment fee

Divestment fee is calculated based on the total investment value, not on the profit/losses. has previously hosted promotions that have reduced the House Edge. Investors will be notified when such events will reoccur and may choose to divest if the investor does not want to participate. Due to the irregularity of such events, divest fees will not be affected.

Investing in our bankroll means staking your coins to the site for the time you're being invested. Those coins thus become a part of the site and we are not planning to distribute any altcoins gained from "airdrops", chain splits and any other type of distribution.

The minimum investment amounts are:

  • 0.01 Bitcoin
  • 0.25 Ether
  • 0.5 Dash
  • 1 Litecoin
  • 1 Monero
  • 0.1 Bitcoin Cash
  • 20,000 Dogecoin
  • 10 Peercoin
  • 5 Stratis
  • 5 NeoGas

Most of the funds are stored in cold wallets for security purposes. The rest of the funds are kept in hot wallets for fast withdrawals. Large withdrawals can be delayed for a day, because we need to transfer funds from cold to hot wallets.


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